Muthu Comics 63

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Muthu Comics #63
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini india.gif India / Tamil
Format: 12 × 18 cm (?)
Pages: 128 pgs, b/w and blue
Publishing date: March, 1977
Publishing company: Prakash Publishers
Preceded by: Muthu Comics #62
Followed by: Muthu Comics #71


Mandrake stories

  • "இருளின் விலை இரண்டு கோடி" (romanized as: "Iruḷiṉ vilai iraṇṭu kōṭi") ("The Blackout Caper") by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks.
  • "பேய் நகரம்" (romanized as: "Pēy nakaram") ("Ghost Town") by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks.