Magical Child (Marvel)

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Magical Child
1st publication: Defenders of the Earth #4
# of pages: 24 pgs
Writer: Michael Higgins
Artist: Alex Saviuk ink Fred Fredericks
Producer: Marvel Comics Group

"Magical Child" is an US made Mandrake story from 1987.

Plot summary

Behind the scenes

Mandrake Lore

When Mandrake was just a boy he was on an expedition to Tibet with his parents. The expedition was hit by a landslide and Mandrake was the only survivor. He was found by a mysterious group of munks and brought to their "College of Magic". They nurced him and soon discovered the strenght og Mandrake's abilities. The following years Mandrake pored over tomes and uncovered the secrets of their mysterious potions.

At the "College of Magic" there was a tome more holy than all the rest, "The Book of Enigmas". Only a pupil who was worthy would be able to read its seemingly invisible pages and communicate with the master of magic, Theron, according to legend. When a novis had completed the proper level of training, he was given the tome in hopes that he would prove to be worthy.

When Mandrake tried to read the he saw it clearly and Theron himself declared that Mandrake was his chosen pupil. Theron opened Mandrake's mind and thought him the mysteries of the mystic arts. Mandrake's friend, Dr Dark, became disturbed by Mandrake's achivment and turned toward evil, corrupted by the power he found within the Sing Stones.


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