Alemar's Mass Market Books Division

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Alemar's Mass Market Books Division
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Country: Mini philippines.gif The Philippines


Jose Sibal started Alemar's and by early 80s the bookstore had grown to a chain of 12 stores. Late 1979 Alemar's started several comic book series, all of them Philippine editions of U.S. comics. All series started with issue 101, like: "Star Wars" (SW 101-104), "The Phantom" (PH 101-104), "Popeye" (PE 101-10?), "Flash Gordon" (FG 101-10?). "Popeye" #103 has an ad inside, indicating four more series: "Beetle Bailey", "Blondie", "Hi & Louis" and "Ponytail".

Looking at issues 101 of "Popeye" and "Flash Gordon", both have Dec printed on the covers and copyright year 1979 printed at the indicia on the first page. The Philippine reprint issues might have started in December 1979, running for four issues, ending early 80s. Alemar's had closed sometime in the mid 1980s.

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