Warlock at Large

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Warlock at Large
Start date: December 17th, 2012
End date: May 25th, 2013
# of strips: 138 (23 weeks)
Writer: Fred Fredericks
Artist: Fred Fredericks
Preceded by: "The Challenge"
Followed by: "Vanguard of Shadows"

"Warlock at Large" is the 265th Mandrake daily story. The story was written and drawn by Fred Fredericks.

Plot Summary

One night, while Mandrake is alone in the vast library of Xanadu, he receives an unexpected visit from a familiar time traveler, but something feels amiss. Then, the phone rings — it's Jockamo calling from the year 1625. Mandrake quickly realizes that Jockamo has projected the Space Warden to Mandrake's house. When Mandrake tells Jockamo that he have to make the projection disappear, Jockamo takes it as an invitation to the year 2012. Mandrake realizes he has been tricked into inviting Jockamo, but according to the law of magic he cannot force Jockamo back if he doesn't want to.

The nefarious master magician, Jockamo, devises a plan. He tracks down Mr. Mellow, the owner of Zepher Computers, and threatens him, claiming he can halt all Zepher computers worldwide. Mr. Mellow dismisses Jockamo as insane and attempts to eject him. However, using magic, Jockamo actually brings all Zepher computers to a standstill for 30 seconds. He demands a million dollars weekly, threatening to shut them down permanently. In collaboration with Slotterhouse, Jockamo repeats this tactic with two other computer companies, raking in three million dollars each week.

When Mandrake attempts to thwart him, Jockamo uses Sally as bait, luring Mandrake to the perilous Blister Mountains. Using a Timpani drum, he triggers a landslide that buries Mandrake. Fortunately, Mandrake and Sally are rescued by a police helicopter. Jockamo narrowly escapes a police roadblock by leaping out of the car in a park. In the park stood a scientific museum and planetarium. On that evening, the museum featured an indoor lightning and thunder show, which was its main attraction. Since thunderstorms are Jockamo's only fear, he assumed this was the last place Mandrake would search for him. Confident that an imitation thunderstorm wouldn't frighten him, he sits down. However, the museum's powerful artificial lightning terrifies Jockamo, prompting him to return to the year 1625.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Miss Sally Hall, Mr Mellow's secretary
  • Slotterhouse, a former criminal
  • Mr. E. E. Mellow, president of Zepher computers
  • Arch, policeman in a state police chopper
  • Cliff, policeman in a state police chopper


  • New York City

Behind the scenes


  • The title for the story taken from the strip of December 17, 2012 (Beginning: The Warlock at Large).


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