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I don't think we should add covers with watermarks like Muratusta is doing What do you guys think?

  • The covers should be as they are on the original print, and without any watermarks.

The Clay Camel 02:30, 25 September 2015 (UTC)

Deleted "O Roubo da Luz Elétrica" and "As Feras do Saldanha" from the RGE stories list.

"O Roubo da Luz Elétrica", published in Mandrake #133, is in fact S#100 The Blackout Caper.

"As Feras do Saldanha" is not a story at all, but the nickname of Brazil's national football team in 1969-70 before the World Cup. João Saldanha was the coach and a literal translation would be "The Beasts of Saldanha". You can see on the cover of Mandrake RGE #165 (the magazine "The Clay Camel" mentions this title in his Xanadu site) two photographs of brazilian players. Other issues from this period had other photos on the cover as well. I guess RGE was promoting brazil's national team at the time. At the moment, don't know the title of the story from Mandrake #165 but no chance of it being "As Feras do Saldanha".

There's some confusion in the Wiki about "Editora Globo". "The Almanaque de O Globo Juvenil" for example was published by "O Globo" not by "Editora Globo".

Some History:

Editora Globo: founded in 1883, published books, had nothing to do with the Phantom or Mandrake until it was bought by "O Globo" in 1986.

O Globo: founded in 1925, published newspapers and comics (O Globo Juvenil, Gibi, etc...) in newspaperprint paper and tabloid format. It is now a huge communications conglomerate with newspapers (O Globo, Extra), tv stations (Rede Globo), cable tv stations (NET), radio stations (Radio Globo), publishing house (Editora Globo), etc...

RGE: founded in 1952, published magazines (Fantasma, Mandrake, etc...), owned by "O Globo". It was in fact the magazine branch of "O Globo" newspaper. Changed name to "Editora Globo" in 1986 when "O Globo" bought the 103-year old "Editora Globo".

When "O Globo" started "RGE" in 1952, they wanted to name it "Editora Globo", but they couldn't because of the existence of the 1886 company with that same name. Only reason they bought "Editora Globo" in 1986 was to get hold of the "Globo" name.

So any Mandrake publication before 1952 (and some after that) was published by "O Globo". Any Mandrake publication between 1952 and 1986 would be "RGE" Any Mandrake publication after 1986 would be "Editora Globo"

Of course there were other publishers as well.

April 7, 2018: Oops... I believe Alan already added "Mandrake o Mestre dos Mágicos" to "Reference books". So should I add it too to The "Brazil" page or not?

  • It should be listed both on the "Reference Books" page and listed as "Reference Books" at the "Brazil" page.

The Clay Camel 12:07, 08 April 2018 (UTC)