The World of Z

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The World of Z
First appearance: The Doorway to Z
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis


The World of Z is a world in another dimension.


The World of Z is different from our own. It is bright, but no sun. The ground is spongy and flat as a floor, with strange angular bushes.

When Mandrake visit "The World of Z" it was ruled by the telepathy speaking "Rollies", looking like big ten-foot volley balls. The Rollies hunted the people and held them in corrals and tamed them. Always the people have done the heavy work and served them. Sometime the Rollies was kind and keept one of the young as a pet. Some tame men was trained as decoys and hunters to help capture more of the people.

The native telepathy speaking people lived underground like hunted animals.

Mandrake discovered that if he stabbed a Rollie with a spear it exploded, just like a pricked ballon. He thought the people to make spears and arrows, they revolted and soon they had conquered the Rollie city.

During his visit Mandrake discovered two bizarre creatures; the "Myzx" was a six-legged cat big as a dinosaur, and a giantic bat-like flying creature.

The World of Z appearances in the Mandrake strip

Title Comments
"The Doorway to Z"