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The Singapore Free Press is a Singaporean newspaper that published Mandrake Daily stories from 1946 to the 1962.


The paper was founded on 1 October 1835 as the Singapore Free Press & Mercantile Advertiser. The paper merged with The Malay Mail on 28 February 1962.

Published stories

Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The Dome" June 6, 1946 October, 1946 The story start with the third strip of the story (US date February 2, 1944)
"Doctor Congo" October, 1946 Not in "The Singapore Free Press"
"The Mirror People" Not in "The Singapore Free Press"
"The Ice Lady" Not in "The Singapore Free Press"
"The Old Ones" Not in "The Singapore Free Press"
"The Mysterious Prince" Not in "The Singapore Free Press"
"The Sleeping Beauty" Not in "The Singapore Free Press"
"Pleasant Valley" Not in "The Singapore Free Press"
"Medusa" Not in "The Singapore Free Press"
"The Jinx" October, 1946
"The Brass Monkey"
"HRH Cuddles"
"Wolf Valley"
"Sky Acres"
"The Ghost Plane"
"Cinderella of the Sea"
"Queen Ebony"
"The Big Tyme"
"The Amazing Ray"
"Lady Ermine"
"Mystery Taxi"
"Mystery at the Bar T Ranch"
"Deadman's Gulch"
"The Beauty Collector"
"The Dark One"
"The Mystery of Uncle Ed"
"The Haunted Farm"
"Mandrake's Birthday"
"The Face Mystery"
"The Conquerors"
"The Million Dollar Loaf"
"The Mysterious Phone Booth"
"The Silly Stuff Department"
"Cleopatra's Treasure"
"Out of Nowhere"
"The Impostor"
"The Jungle Witch"
"The Vanishing Rocket"
"The Mysterious Mr Beam"
"The Monsters"
"The Haunted Slope"
"The Royal Suitor"
"The Deep Sea Mystery"
"The Museum Theft"
"The Enchantress"
"The Tourist"
"The Inventor"
"Return of the Clay Camel"
"The Experiment"
"The New Neighbors"
"The Decoy"
"The Little Fog"
"Tub's Gang"
"The Chess Kings"
"The Western"
"The Penthouse Mystery"
"Lothar's Day"
"The New-Type Radio"
"Employment Agency"
"Narda's Adventure"
"Tale of Detru"
"The Invisible Bandit"
"The Dollmaker"
"Queen of the Cats"
"The Strange Fisherman"
"The Spaceman Mystery"
"Secret of Sargasso"
"The Thief (The Time Traveller)"
"The Ambassador"
"The Rockaby Thief"
"Mystery of the Bikini Girl"
"The Fishing Trip"
"The Photo Mystery" February 28, 1962 The story ends missing the last seven strips of the story (US date June 16, 1961)