The Phantom (The Paul Hogan Show parody)

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Diana pleads with the Phantom about his faults
Country: Mini australia.gif Australia / English

"The Phantom" is a parody of "The Phantom" shown in the Australian TV series The Paul Hogan Show, featuring Paul Hogan as the Phantom. It is set in a world with real actors, but with a set looking like a cartoon.

Plot summary

The Phantom and Diana are married at last!

They have settled down with their wolf Devil in the Skull Cave.

When we arrive in the story, Diana is cooking. Then the Phantom arrives, late as usual. When Diana enquires about his activities, she finds out that he stopped by the local pub for a couple of pints, but that he usually kills pirates. Since there has not been any pirates around for the past 50 years, he is very effective (and also a smart alec for figuring that out), all according to Old Jungle sayings.

The Phantom then asks Diana to come so that he could try something out on her, exited she throws herself in his arms only for the Phantom to try out his new Skull Ring on her. Diana then starts to feel miserable and realising that she is not cut out to live in the jungle. The Phantom cannot understand her complaints and points to all the decorative changes that he has made for her. She then explains that the problem is him: they have been married for six months and he still has not taken off his mask. The Phantom merely refers to the Jungle saying "He who looks upon the Phantom's face must die!" The problem that Diana has, however, turns out to be that the mask is attached to the costume, which he has not removed for six months either (Old Jungle saying: "He who smells the Phantom's armpit will surely die!").

The Phantom then turns his attention to the whereabouts of Devil, Diana becomes a little nervous as first (which the Phantom does not notice), before she explains that she barred Devil from the Skull Cave as he ate the Avon lady (Old Jungle saying: "Avon ladies are low in calories, high in protein!").

Then the jungle drums starts beating, the message is that Mandrake the Magician and Lothar is coming to the Skull Cave tomorrow. Diana is exited as she loves Mandrake's card tricks. The Phantom is less impressed and threatens to break all his fingers if he ever do those magical moves again (Old Jungle saying: "Mandrake is a drag!"). The Phantom then vents his suspicions about Mandrake in his impeccable suite, always in company with Lothar (Old Jungle saying: "Mandrake is a fag?").

As the Phantom turns his attention towards the dinner, he tries to guess what it is, but Diana says that it is none of his guesses, but a surprise stew. As the Phantom takes up a first bite of the stew, Devil's jaw is revealed ("Next Week - Will Devil repeat on the Phantom?").

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