Taystee Bread Company

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Country: Mini usa.gif USA / English

Taystee Bread was the sponsor of the Mandrake the Magician Radio Show early 40's.

Use of Mandrake in the marketing

Mandrake Adventure

A short period (early 41 ?) one could obtain a colored cover for "Mandrake and the Jungle Giants", probably as a premium with a "Taystee Bread". Then every week afterwards there was a new issue of the "Mandrake Adventure". This folded sheet had four pages printed, three of them with a new chapter for the "Mandrake and the Jungle Giants" story and one page with a magic trick. Also printed adds for Taystee Bread with pictures of a bread with "Mandrake the Magician" on the wrapper. Six Mandrake Adventure sheet made the "Mandrake and the Jungle Giants" story.

Mandrake Magcians Club

From early spring 1941 Taystee Bread had the premium which brought the purchaser special membership in the Mandrake Magicians Club.