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Ok, I don't know if anyone can help me here. But I am an actor and a fan of Mandrake, so when I heard about this musical I got really excited. Unfortunately the only recording of ANY of the songs I can find is the recording of "Magic" posted by Clay Camel (who made this wiki page) on his website Xanadu. So if ANYONE knows how I could get ahold of this soundtrack or script or ANYTHING I'd LOVE to know, thank you. Reid B.

  • "Magic" is the only song I have, think there might be a few more. Recorded to be a "soundtrack", which was never released. Will try to find out. I do have the script (72 pages) The Clay Camel
  • Thank you SO much, how did you get the song and script?? Reid B.
    • About the song I found it at a website years ago. Can not remember if the website was made by (or for) Thayer Burch or George Quincy. This was in 2004, long time ago. The script is from the 1978 performance. The Clay Camel
  • Thank you for that information, using the wayback machine I was able to discover that the website you found it on was, however since George Quincy passed away in 2014 the site has been inactive. And through my digging your site is still the only one with that recording I can find. I want to say thank you for preserving something so hard to find online. I downloaded the song from your site, with your permission I would love to upload it to youtube so others can more easily access it. I'm also REALLY excited to hear that you have the script, do you mean that you have one of the original scripts used in the 1978 production? Reid B.
    • George Quincy had the song up at his site, so I guess it is ok with youtube. The script is a msword file, used by Elizabeth Falk. An excerpt is printed in the book Lee Falk – Storyteller. In the book also an artickle about the musical written by Andreas Eriksson and one by Thayer Burch. I might be wrong about the year (1978) of the production. Some sources said this was in 2000 or 2001. Unsure if "Rosetta LeNoire’s AMAS Repertory Theatre" (mentioned as an opera) and "The Amas Six O'Clock Musical Theatre Lab" is the same production - or two different, directed by E Falk.
  • Is there a way I could get ahold of that msword file?