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Spécial Mandrake - Nouvelle Série

Should the correct title be Special Mandrake (mondes mystérieux) - Nouvelle Série ?

Yes it should : "Spécial Mandrake (mondes mystérieux) - Nouvelle Série", and letter "é" with an accent. By the way, the issues listed for the first series are wrongly indicated "Spésial" (instead of Spécial) and needed to be redirected but I don't know how to do this change of direction... Alain03


I've noticed that almost every article has a disambiguation (something distinguishing within a paranthesis), even when that is not necessary. Typically, wikis use disambiguation only when two articles otherwise have the same names. For example, there is no article for "Arsonist and Old Rags" which is the actual title of the story. To reach the article, you need to go to "Arsonist and Old Rags (King, The Phantom)". Why this complicated procedure? Andreas (talk) 12:10, 17 September 2018 (UTC)