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There is an exclamation mark (=exclamation point) just after the second word. Title : "Hop-là !" (something like "Hup There !" or "Hop There !".

  • Should the title be corrected to Hop-là ! or Hop-là! (with or without a space before the exclamation mark) ?

The Clay Camel 18:02, 13 March 2012 (UTC)

  • Definitely, and like shown in the logo title of the publication, the correct composition is "Hop-là!" (no space, or "espace fine" like called in typesetting matter, and just a lower-case letter for the second word "là"). In French, we however use a space between the last letter and the exclamation mark, except when the final word is a proper noun (for instance: "What an apple !" when speaking of a fruit and "It is Apple!" when speaking of the computer Apple Inc.).Here the title of "Hop-là" has to be considered as a proper noun, the one that identified this specific magazine, and not a common noun. In English, and if I'm right, the rule is easier with an exclamation point always used with no space after the last letter of the words.So the actual Mandrake Wiki article is at its good place, there is no need to change it.Sorry if I have caused some confusion...Alain03 13:28, 11 August 2012 (UTC)