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The Cobra

Italy Nerbini

When Mario Nerbini did print the first Mandrake story in the Italian weekly magazine L'Avventuroso someone did edit some of the original panels by Phil Davis. One find panels with ekstra ink on a lightly dressed Barbara as well as human remains are removed from the lion cave. As a result of the lack of original U.S. stripes it was this censored version which was used as source for new printings. When "The Cobra" was reprinted in Comics Revue, most of the censored strips were restored, but somehow Barbara's bathing suit was missed.

Dressing Barbara
In the Lion Cave
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The Werewolf


Dressing Lora

In an interview published in King Comic Heroes (James Van Hise, Pioneer Books, 1988), Lee Falk tells an amusing anecdote from the early days of his Mandrake strip:

 ".., Once I had a so-called werewolf chasing Narda[footnotes 1], who was scantily clad, .. He was chasing her for a whole week in her scanties, althought she had a bra and panties on, and a couple complaints came in that she was too naked. So on Friday's[footnotes 2] segment she fell down in front of a tree and the werewolf was poised over her, but Monday we'd[footnotes 3] put a dress on her, which occasioned a few remarks."
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  1. Lee Falk mixed Narda with Lora Gates
  2. Saturday
  3. Lee Falk and some unknown people at KFS

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