Spotlight on Lee Falk - The High School Years

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Soldan High School 1928
Subject: Lee Falk

Soldan High School

F. Louis Soldan High School was completed at 918 Union Boulevard in September, 1909. It was designed by William B. Ittner and named in honor of the well-known St. Louis educator. in the early 1920's most of the students at Soldan High School did came from Blewett Junior High School. The year was divided into two terms of twenty weeks each[1]:

  • Fall Term:
    • Opening on Tuesday after Labor Day, Graduation Day on Thursday of the twentieth week, Closing Friday of the twentieth school week,
      • Hollidays and Vacations: Armistice Day (November 11), Thanksgiving Day, Chrismas Week (note: not counted as one of the forty school weeks of the year) and New Year's Day.
  • Spring Term
    • Opening Monday of the twnty-first school week, Graduation Day on Thursday of the twentieth week of the new term, Closing on Friday of the twentieth week of the new term.
      • Hollidays and Vacations: Washington's Birthday and Memorila Day.

The school day started 8:45 a.m. and closed at 2:45 p.m, included one hour lunch period.

Leon Harrison Epstein

Leon Harrison Epstein attended Soldan High School at age 13 on September 2, 1924 and graduated on June 15, 1928, at age 17.

In the Scrip he was[2] credited with "His understanding is very vigorous." and listed as member of: Writers' Club[footnotes 1], Scrip Staff[footnotes 2], Scrippage Staff[footnotes 3]; Editor-in-Chief; 1927, Honor Society[footnotes 4], Service Club[footnotes 5].

He was[3] also a member of the "Dramatic Guild". He is not mentioned as a member of the cast in the February presentation of the "Ghost Story" or the tryout in Mars. He was mentioned as member of the cast of "Come Out of the Kitchen", presented on May 11.

Althaught a Cartoon Club under the sponsorship of Miss Souther started at Soldan in 1927 Leon H Epstein was not a member of the club.

In the yearbook (January) of 1928 Leon H Epstein contributed with one poem, "Dreams". Since he was the editor-in-chief for the student newspaper at his last school year there is a possibility that there are other literary contributions from Leon H Epstein in the Scrippage. But it is unknown if any issues of Scrippage from his school years still exist.


  1. The Writers' Club started in 1926 under the sponsorship of Miss Leah R. C. Yoffie. At room 216, Tuesday, 3 p.m.
  2. The yearbook "The Scrip" was a semi-annual book published (January and June) by the Sevens in honor of the Graduating Class.
  3. Scrippage was a weekly publication, containing Soldan wit and humor as well as entertaining reports on what the school was doing
  4. The Soldan chapter of The National Honor Society was called The Torchbearers. It was the highest honor a pupil could recieve from the Soldan faculty, given only to the one-fifteenth of the number of the graduating class. The members were entitled to wear the national emblem (a pin or charm) of the organization.
  5. The Service Club was made up of chosen upper classmen, who volunteered to give one period of service each day to make the school run more smoothly


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