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Lee Falk wrote[1] "Eris" in 1964, and copyrighted "Eris" (The Night People) in 1971 [2].


On a dark bridge at the darkest part of night two men meet. The two men are strangers but yet bound to each other. Dark plans are afoot. They are in the Temple of Eris, and she demands a sacrifice.



  • On a high bridge over a big river that borders a city


  • The present, late at night


  • The Man
  • The Policeman
  • The Stranger
  • The Second Man


Théâtre La Bruyère

On November 28, 1966 "Eris" (entitled in French as "Iris") was first staged at "Théâtre La Bruyère" in Paris, France. It was adapted into French by Chris Marker and directed by Georges Vitaly. Cast: Michel Galabru, Max Vialle ...

Lee Falk told[3] that when Alain Resnais was in NY to confering with him on the [June exibit], Resnais learned that Falk had just finished writing "Eris". Resnais took the script back to Paris with him, and put into motion theatrical wheels that resulted in the production at Théâtre La Bruyère.

Lee Falk was not able to be present for rehersals nor any of the performances, but he could read reviews from the Paris press:

  • "L'Aurore", Gilbert Guillminault: "With Eris, Falk asserts himself as one of the masters of the theatre of ambiguity and uneasiness -along with Pinter, Albee, Schisgal..."
  • "Le Figaro", Jean-Jacques Gautier: "..admirably composed to creat an almost unbearable state of tension..."
  • "Paris Semaine: ".. It was, therefore, a very plesant surprise to find, in seeing "Eris" that he is a real dramatist."
  • "Le Monde", Bertrand Poirot-Delpech: "..The mixture of pathetic and absurd, perfectly rendered by Chris Marker, testifies to the symbolic and scenic virtues of the genre."

Toneelgroep Theater

On January 12, 1969 "Eris" was first staged at Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem in Arnhem, Netherlands. It was adapted into Dutch by Karel Muller and directed by Ab Abspoel. Cast: René Lobo and Bernhard Droog. The last performance was on February 2, 1969.


by American Theatre Company (?).


The Fond du Lac Community Theatre at the Upper Midwest at the national Festival of American Community Theatre in Memphis (Tenn, July 26-29). A benefit performance was hold July 14 at the Goodrich High School Little Theatre in Fond du Lac. [4]


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