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Under the Stars and Bars by Fred Fredericks ran for two years, from November 28, 1960 to January 20, 1962. The Confederate strip from the American Civil War history was syndicated by Adcox Associates Inc.[footnotes 1].

In newspapers

Glenn Adcox described[1] the strip as:

 "Under the Stars and Bars" will pictorially record the struggle for a lost cause through the Centennial years of the Civil War. 
Fred Fredericks, the author and artist, who lives at Gillette, N. J., is a Civil War buff, a former Marine and creator of an historical strip, "New Jersey's Patriots," which ran for more than two years in 18 leading New Jersey newspapers.
Mr. Fredericks has done considerable research on the Civil War and has available more than 1,000 source books for his true story of the Southern cause. More importantly, the strip will detail little known stories of high adventure and bravery by Confederates against insurmountable odds.
"Many newspapers plan to encourage school children to clip 'Under the Stars and Bars' and make a scrapbook which they can keep as a permanent historical record," said Mr. Adcox. "All of the sweep and action of the great battles and great Southern heroes will be depicted in Fredericks' superb art work."
This is a Southern strip for Southern newspapers, it was explained.
Mr. Fredericks plans to travel to many of the battle sites in Dixie during the Centennial years and do first-hand research where the action took place.

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Title Period From Comment
The Austin American March 27, 1961 - to September 5, 1961 Austin, Texas interupted
The Atlanta Constitution November 28, 1960 to May 20, 1961 Atlanta, Georgia interupted
The Birmingham News November 28, 1960 to April, 1961 Birmingham, Alabama interupted
Charlotte Observer November 28, 1960 to September 30, 1961 Charlotte, North Carolina interupted
Dallas Times Herald ? Dallas, Texas
Durham Morning Herald December 11, 1960 to January 20, 1962 Durham, North Carolina
Fort Worth Star-Telegram ? Fort Worth, Texas
Greensboro Record ? Greensboro, North Carolina
Houston Post ? Houston, Texas
The Clarion-Ledger February 20, 1961 to January 20, 1962 Jackson, Mississippi
Marshall News Messenger January 23, 1961 to September 7, 1961 Marshall, Texas interupted
Monroe Morning World March 25 (?), 1961 to January 20, 1962 Monroe, Louisiana
Nashville Banner ? Nashville, Tennessee
Shreveport Journal November 28, 1960 to January 20, 1962 Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana
Winston-Salem Journal ? Winston-Salem, North Carolina


  1. Adcox-Lenahan Inc. (San Francisco) was formed in December 1958 by Glenn Adcox and James L. Lenahan, for the syndication of newspaper features. About mid 1960 the company split into Adcox Associates, Inc. and Lenahan Features


  1. Erwin Ray, "Stare's Nutrition And Civil War Strip", Editor & Publisher 2 April 1960, p 73