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June 6, 1960
Country: Mini usa.gif USA / English

The Late, Late War was a humorous comics strip made by Fred Fredericks, and he said[1] that in the strip:

 "the Boys in Blue and the Boys in Gray stop fighting only long enough after another - which is just about all the time".

The strip was syndicated by Adcox Lenahan Inc.[footnotes 1]

In newspapers

Presenting the strip Adcox Lenahan Inc said[2]:

 The new Civil War comic strip will be called "The Late Late War" and will be released six days a week, beginning June 6. A Sunday release may be added next Fall.
The strip is designed to capitalize on the current intense interest in the "1ate late" war because of its approaching centennial years. Some observers have claimed there are at present more Civil War buffs than there were soldiers in the Union and Confederate armies.
"The Late Late War" will deal, of course, with the lighter side of the conflict, army red tape snafus, zany situations, gags about and by the common soldiers. Blue-clad soldiers will be depicted one day and gray-clad the next.
Creator of the new strip is Fred Fredericks, 30, who lives and works at Gillette, N. J. He formerly drew a historical strip, "New Jersey Patriots" for 18 New Jersey daily newspapers and in his research evolved the idea for the new strip. Fred Fredericks served in the Marine Corps in the World War II, thus gaining firsthand knowledge of war's wry wit. He since has drawn gag cartoons for newspapers and has done illustrations for advertising agencies and magazine covers.

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Title Period From Comment
The Boston Globe June 6, 1960 to August 13, 1960 Boston, Massachusetts missing July 25 and August 6
Columbus Ledger June 6, 1960 to August 27, 1960 Columbus, Georgia
The Daily Journal 1960 Elizabeth, New Jersey (according to Alberto Becattini)
The Evening Star June 6, 1960 to July 8, 1960 Washington, District of Columbia
Hayward Review June 6, 1960 to August 27, 1960 Hayward, California (according to Allan Holtz)

In 1963 the publisher Zeke Zekley prepared a colored version of the strip, to be printed in "At Ease" The Fun Supplement for America's Men and Women of the Armed Forces. The two strips printed in the Advance issue are the same as strips #2 and #13 printed in "The Boston Globe". In addition there also exist a Sunday page of the strip from the estate of Zekley. It is uncertain whether more than this first issue of "At Ease" was published.

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  1. Adcox-Lenahan Inc. (San Francisco) was formed in December 1958 by Glenn Adcox and James L. Lenahan, for the syndication of newspaper features. About mid 1960 the company split into Adcox Associates, Inc. and Lenahan Features


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