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Country: Mini usa.gif USA / English

In 1964, Fred Fredericks heard about a new magazine to be distributed in US schools, "Scholastic Scope". He took some of his art to Scope headquarters, and in due course, Rebel was born. Fredericks produced the strip for over 30 years and it has also been reprinted in collections.

Rebel is a leather-clad high school musician. The book jacket promises he’ll a rebellious trouble-maker, but he’s actually quite tame. In fact, Rebel is always trying to convince his zanier, chubby hippie friend Wreck to stay in school! Staying in school is a big theme in Rebel. Sometimes Rebel, Wreck and their other pal Groover will hang out with girls, but relationships aren’t nearly as important as being a committed student.

Some of the ideas for strips came to him through write-in gags from the public. Each kid who wrote in got a credit within the comic.


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