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New Jersey Patriots (aka New Jersey's Patriots) depitcting the risory of New Jersey from Colonial time in the battle for freedom from British rule. It was syndicated by Superior Features Syndicate[footnotes 1].

In newspapers

The Revolutionary war history strip is said to have started in the "Elizabeth Daily Journal" in 1958(?) and later picked up by nine (possible 19 ?) other New Jersey papers.

Even though the story started on Monday January 19 and ended Thursday December 31 it did run for 49 weeks[footnotes 2], total 294 strips.

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Title Period From Comment
Asbury Park Evening Press January 19, 1959 to Mars 20, 1959 Asbury Park, New Jersey Interrupted
The Courier-News January 19, 1959 to December 31, 1959 Bridgewater, New Jersey
The Daily Home News January 19, 1959 to December 31, 1959 New Brunwick, New Jersey
Elizabeth Daily Journal 1958(?) Elizabeth, New Jersey
The Herald-News January 19, 1959 to June 26, 1959 Passaic, New Jersey Interrupted
The Trentonian January 19, 1959 to ? Trenton, New Jersey
Vineland Times Journal January 19, 1959 to December 31, 1959 Vineland, New Jersey


These samples, provided to Stripper's Guide by Cole Johnson, are all from 1959 - a miscellany of dates from May to October.


  1. Superior Features Syndicate (New York) was active in the years 1955-1965. They started selling ad similar articles with excerpts from the books "Your Ideal New Home" and "Modern Home Styling". The articles contained a coupon that one could use to order the books, blueprints and models of the various designs mentioned in the article. Other books and leaflet were sold the same way in the years that followed. Andre F. L'Evequue (President of Superior Features Syndicate) greatest success started mid 1956 with their cash-paying crossword puzzle, "Cashword Puzzle".
  2. since there were no strips (or newspapers) on May 30, July 4, September 7 and December 25.

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