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Before and throughout his career as artist on Mandrake the Magician, Fred Fredericks worked with a number of other comics.

Early Work with Cartoons

See: Spotlight on Fred Fredericks - Early Work with Cartoons

Year (s) Title pen/ink/writer Note
Gag Cartoons wr/pen/ink/ for Atlantic City Daily World (first cartoon at 18)
Various Features
"Salty Ranks" in Camp Lejeune Globe
wr/pen/ink in marine corps paper 2 years
1953 Atlantic City history sketches wr/pen/ink

Newspaper strips

Year (s) Title pen/ink/writer Note
1959 New Jersey Patriots pen/ink/wr 194 strips - 49 weeks
1960 The Late, Late War pen/ink/wr 72 strips - 12 weeks
1960-1962 Under the Stars and Bars pen/ink/wr 366 strips - 61 weeks
1983 W. C. Fields pen/ink daily
1983 W. C. Fields pen/ink Sunday
1996 The Phantom ink daily
1995-2000 The Phantom ink Sunday


  • After "New Jersey Patriots" Fredericks said[1] that his newest projects include a panel strip, "True Tales of the Civil War", which has been accepted by a syndicate for sale to Sunday newspapers, and a sketchbook of old silent screen heroes and villians, titled "Old Cowhands".
  • At "Who's Who of American Comic Books 1928-1999" Jerry Bails list Fred Fredericks as pen and ink artist on a daily/Sunday strip named "Manny" in the years 1970-1982. This may be a misunderstanding since Fred Fredericks used "Manny" as a nickname for "Mandrake the Magician".


Year (s) Title pen/ink/writer Note
1964 - 1991 Rebel wr/pen/ink in Scholastic Scope
1980 - 1982 Mike Shamus wr/pen/ink in Mike Shane Mystery Magazine

Comics books

Dell Publications

Year (s) Title pen/ink/writer Note
1958 Filler pen/ink
1960-1962 "The Flintstones" pen/ink unconfirmed
1960-1962 "Heckle and Jeckle" pen/ink unconfirmed
1960-1962 "Hector Heathcote"" pen/ink uncredited / see: "Hector Heathcote (Gold Key 01)".
1960-1962 "Nancy and Sluggo" wr
1960-1962 "Peanuts" wr unconfirmed
1960-1962 "Rocky and Bullwinkle" pen/ink
1961 "Tip Top" wr
1961-1962 "King Leonardo" pen/ink/wr
1961-1962 "New Terrytoons" pen/ink/wr
1962 "The Blue Phantom" pen/ink/wr uncredited / see: "The Blue Phantom".

Western Publishing

Year (s) Title pen/ink/writer Note
1962 "The Flintstones" pen/ink unconfirmed
? "Heckle and Jeckle" pen/ink unconfirmed
1962 "Yogi Bear" ink
1962 "Rocky and Bullwinkle" pen/ink
1962-1963 "Bullwinkle" wr
1962-1963 "Deputy Dawg" wr
1962-1963 "King Leonardo" pen/ink/wr
1962-1963 "New Terrytoons" pen/ink/wr
1962-1964 "Peanuts" wr
1962-1964 "The Twilight Zone" pen/ink
1962-1965 "Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery" pen/ink
? "Dinky Duck" pen/ink
1962-1964 "Mr. Ed" pen/ink
1962-1965 "Nancy and Sluggo" wr
1963 "Travels of Jaime Mc Pheeters" pen/ink
1963-1965 "Mighty Mouse" pen/ink/wr
1964 "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith" wr
1964 "Fall of the Roman Empire" pen/ink
1964 Filler pen/ink
1964 "Hector Heathcote" wr
1964 "Krazy Kat" wr
1965 "Astro Boy" wr
1965 "Daniel Boone" pen/ink/wr
1965 "First Men on the Moon" pen/ink
1965 Illustration pen/ink
1965 "Linus the Lionhearted" wr
1965 "The Munsters" pen/ink/wr
1965 "Liddle Wolfgang" pen/ink/wr in The Munsters
1969 "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" pen/ink
1970 "Smokey Bear" wr
1972-1983 "Witch Hazel" wr in Little Lulu
1978 "Tubby" wr

DC Comics

Year (s) Title pen/ink/writer Note
1986-1987 "Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe" pen/ink DC Comics #20: Sargon the Sorcerer (pencils)
#26: Zatara (pencils & inks)
1988 "Secret Origins: Zatara" ink DC Comics #27:
1988 "Secret Origins: Zatanna" ink DC Comics #27:
1995 "Black Lightning" ink DC Comics #8-9

Marvel Comics

Year (s) Title pen/ink/writer Note
1986-1987 "Defenders of the Earth" ink
1987, 1991-1992 "Hulk" ink
1987 "Silverhawks" ink Star Comics #2-6
1989 "Namorita" ink
1989-1990 "Nth Man" ink
1990 "Aquarian" ink
1990 "Wild Cards" ink (Imprint: Epic)
1990-1991 "Nick Fury" ink
1990-1992 "Quasar" ink
1990-1993 "Avengers" ink
1991 "Destroyer" ink
1991 "Red Skull" ink
1991-1992 "Thor of 2591" ink
1991-1993 "Daredevil" ink
1992 "Kang" ink
1992 "Phantom Rider" Pen/ink
1992 "The Punisher" ink
1993 "Avengers West Coast" ink
1993 "Cardiac" ink
1993 "The Secret Defenders" ink
1994 "Nomad" ink
1994 "Spider-Man" ink
1994 "Sub-Mariner" ink
1998 ""Epic Battles of the Civil War"" ink issue #1 only

Acclaim Comics

Year (s) Title pen/ink/writer Note
1993 "Solar, Man of the Atom" ink #26, including cover. (Imprint: Valiant)


Comic books

King Comics

Mandrake the Magician

Marvel Comics

Defenders of the Earth

Valiant Comics



Fredericks did[1] two covers for the "Leatherneck" magazine.

Scholastic Scope

Fredericks' Rebel strip was printed in the "Scholastic Scope" magazine in the years 1964 to 1991. He did one cover for the magazine in 1966.

Program guide for the 1974 Houston Comic Book Convention

Film Collectors Registry

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