Spotlight on Fred Fredericks - Early Work with Cartoons

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In an interview from 1952 Fred Fredericks said[1] that he had worked two years in the national advertising department of the Atlantic City Press-Union in New Jersy.

Atlantic City Daily World

Brigantine News

Brigantine News might be a weekly newspaper printed in the years 1950 to 1953, possible published in Hammonton. Fred Fredericks said[2] he did a comic strip called "Dudley" in this newspaper immediately before he enlisted in the Marine Corps (September 1950).

The Globe - Camp Lejeune


Fredericks first art in The Globe was in the newspaper on December 6, 1951, when he continued the ongoing cartoon campaign to reduce car accidents. He made 12 similar gags, the last one in The Globe in March 13, 1952. Starting in The Globe June 5, 1952 Fredericks made a series of 15 one panel presentation of various athletes.


Fredericks first one panel gag was printed in The Globe December 24, 1951. He made 12 one panel gags for the newspaper.

Salty Ranks

Salty Ranks is a humorous comic strip about life at the Camp, featuring Private Salty Ranks. Other characters in the strip are: his friends Spex, Hippo, Skillet and Knockworst; the girls Hazel and Magnolia; First Sergant Stubble and Captain Tranch. It somewhat reminiscent of "Beetle Bailey" by Mort Walker. It started in The Globe January 24, 1952 and run for 74 issues ending July 23, 1953. 73 strips was made as daily strips and one more like a Sunday strip (April 10, 1952).

The Durkin Tragedy - The Story of a Man who Deserted

The Durkin Tragedy is about Frank Durkin in the Marine Corps, who became a deserter. It was made as a Sunday page and run for 9 weeks (August 28 to October 23, 1952).

Other artistic work

Other work as painting posters and drawing training film art.

Leatherneck Magazine


During his service in the Marine Corps Fred Fredericks made about 11 one panel gags for the Leatherneck Magazine (May 1952 to March 1953).

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