Spécial Mandrake (Mondes Mystérieux) 30

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Spécial Mandrake #30
Spécial-Mandrake 30.jpg
Cover artist: Mario Caria
Country/language: Mini france.gif France / French
Format: 17 × 24 cm
Pages: 64 pgs, color
Publishing date: March, 1966
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Editions des Remparts
Preceded by: Spécial Mandrake #29
Followed by: Spécial Mandrake #31


Mandrake stories

Other comics

  • "Raoul et Gaston" (Tim Tyler's Luck), La ville mystèrieuse (part 4) by Lyman Young and Tom Massey. (nb: In the original American newspapers, Tom Massey has been officially credited only from the July 5, 1952 Sunday page).


the original "Tim Tyler's Luck" story The Lost City has been released as a Sunday pages from April 6 to October 5, 1952. It has been published by the Editions des Remparts in: 1° "Le Fantôme Spécial 28" - five last pages of La poupée du diable, 2° Spécial Mandrake (Mondes Mystérieux) 28 Le pays des monstres, 3° "Le Fantôme Spécial 30" La ville mystèrieuse and in this part (= 4° / story end). Added to it, but without any French title, this issue - Spécial Mandrake (Mondes Mystérieux) 30 -, features the part 1 of the following origial story: Tombo the Mighty (Sunday pages October 12, 1952 to Fabruary 8, 1953) which ends (part 2) in "Le Fantôme Spécial 31" under the title Feu d'artifice.


Translated version of the Italian: