Sibin Slavković

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Sibin Slavković
Sibin Slavković.jpg
Biographical information
Born: 1953
Nationality: Mini yugoslavia.png Yugoslavia
Occupation: Cover artist

Sibin Slavković is a Serbian cover artist


Sibin Slavković is a Serbian comic book artist, illustrator and editor. He was born in Žunjevići (Yugoslavia, presently Serbia) in 1953. He sometimes signed his works under the pseudonym S. Žunjević, surname from his birthplace.

He made his first illustration works in "Politikin Zabavnik" in 1973. Then he worked as a comic book writer and was a member of the comic group "Beogradski Krug 2" ("Belgrade Circle 2") before becoming editor of of publications such as "YU strip" (1979-1983), dedicated to national comics, and "Stripoteka" (1999-2016).

His covers for comics include such series as "Il Grande Blek" and "Tarzan". In the 1990s Slavković turned to foreign publishers with coloring work for Joe Kubert and Hermann Huppen.

His covers about Mandrake the Magician were for the series "Super EKS Almanah" (issues # 2 to 8)

Covers featuring Mandrake


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