Senio Pratesi

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Senio Pratesi
Biographical information
Born: 1928, Siena
Died: 2001, Villamarina
Nationality: Mini italy.gif Italian
Occupation: Artist
Website: n/a


Senio Pratesi was born in Siena in 1928[footnotes 1]. He was a self-taught artist and he exhibited for the first time in Siena in 1945.

In the 1960s he made several stories with The Phantom for the Italian publisher Fratelli Spada. From 1962 he also made several stories with Mandrake for the same publisher.

In 1973 he moved to Rome to Piombino in 1979. He died 73 years old in Villamarina, September 2001. During his career, the artist Senio Pratesi explored different stylistic registers, including the surrealist one.

Mandrake Stories

Year # Original title Pages
1962 1 "Il morso del Cobra" 32
1962 2 "Cobra genio del male" 32
1962 3 "Sei finito Cobra" 32
1968 4 "Il diadema di zia Clot" 24
1968 5 "Centofacce meno una" 24
1969 6 "Castello ai Caraibi" 24
1967 7 "Per un pugno di Lotar" 7
1969 8 "Centofacce allo sbaraglio" 24
1969 9 "Remember Cobra" 24
1970 10 "Top secret" 24
1970 11 "Caccia al Grisbi" 24

It is possible that Pratesi also are the artist on "Un regno per il Cobra" and "Il Cobra attacca", both from 1971.


  1. Other biographies state the date of birth to 1926, but this is probably incorrect.