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Ray Bailey

Ray Bailey-40s.png

Biographical information
Born: 1913
Died: 1975
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artists
Website: N/A

The first Ray Bailey’s works were done for the cartoons of "Betty Boop" and "Popeye" released by the Fleischer Studios.

He later worked as the assistant of Milton Caniff on the famous comic strip "Terry and the Pirates" before to drew personal series ("Vesta West","Bruce Gentry","Space Cadet Tom Corbett") and to assumed the drawings of various comic-books such as "Steve Canyon", "Turok, Son of Stone","Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery" and "The Twilight Zone" for the most known of them.

He also worked on some "Mandrake the Magician" stories published by King Comics released in 1967. It seems that he also drew the cover of the issue #6 of the series. He might have also himself wrote the story "Incredible Space Menace".

Ray Bailey’s works for Mandrake the Magician

Mandrake stories

Title Note
"Cape Cod Caper" Mandrake the Magician #5
"The Fear Mongers" Mandrake the Magician #5
"Incredible Space Menace" Mandrake the Magician #6
"Jungle Drums" Mandrake the Magician #7
"Return of King Lothar" Mandrake the Magician #7
"The Haunting of Hawk Inn" Mandrake the Magician #10

Mandrake covers

King Comcis

comics.org list that this cover might be a tandem effort by Bailey and Fredericks.