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Politika Ekspres is an Yugoslavian newspaper that published "Mandrake" Daily stories from 1963 to 1964.


Politika Ekspres was a Serbian daily newspaper, published in Belgrade by Politika AD from 1963 until 2005.

Known colloquially as Ekspres and started as an evening paper meant to compete with "Večernje novosti", it arrived on the market as the fourth Belgrade daily.

Published stories

Title Original story title Start date End date Comment
"Mandrak traži varalicu" "The Peddler (The Counterfeit Gang)" October 1, 1963 December 2, 1963
"Mandrak i Narda" "Narda's TV Show" December 3, 1963 February 5, 1964
"Krijumčari" "The Gamblers" February 6, 1964 March 25 (?), 1964 some strips missing (?)