Phantom e Mandrake

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Phantom e Mandrake
Cover artist: collage of art by Fred Fredericks and Sy Barry
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Format: 21 × 30 cm
Pages: 208 pgs, bl.& w. and color
Publishing date: May, 2023
Editor: Alessandro Tesauro Editore
Publishing company: Edizioni Ripostes
Preceded by: none
Followed by: none

Phantom e Mandrake - subtitled Avventura e magia nei personaggi di Lee Falk (translation: "Phantom and Mandrake. Adventure and magic for the Lee Falk's characters") is an Italian reference book, written by Alberto Becattini and Alessandro Tesauro, about the comics "The Phantom" and "Mandrake the Magician, both created by Lee Falk.

Various daily strips and Sunday pages - as well as comic book covers - are reproduced on almost all pages, unfortunately in black and white. pages 5 to 20) The book is divided into three main parts: the first being about Lee Falk (pages 5 to 20), the second concerning "Mandrake The Magician" (pages 21 to 59) and the third on "The Phantom" (pages 60 to 112). It ends with two sub-parts with, for each character, the lists of daily strips as well as Sunday pages and a detailed list of Italian publications. The whole thing is completed with a color section of some comic book covers.


Part One ("Lee Falk - Fantasia senza confini")

  • "A St.Louis"
  • "Pubblicità e radio"
  • "Il mago e l'Ombra"
  • "Il viaggiatore"
  • "L'owi e l'esercito"
  • "Il teatro"
  • "Falk in famiglia"
  • "L'arte dello scrivere"
  • "...E tutto il resto"
  • "Premi e riconoscimenti"
  • "Intervista a Lee Falk".

Part Two ("I vari volti di Mandrake")

  • "Phil Davis"
  • "Il Mandrake di Falk e Davis"
  • "Fred Fredericks"
  • "Il Mandrake di Falk e Fredericks"
  • "Mandrake nei comic-books"
  • "Le parodie"
  • "La produzione Italiana"
  • "Mandrake in prosa"
  • "Mandrake multimediale"

Part Three ("I vari volti di Phantom")

  • "Ray Moore, il primo disegnatore di Phantom"
  • "Il Phantom di Falk e Moore"
  • "Wilson McCoy"
  • "Il Phantom di Wilson McCoy"
  • "Intermezzo: Carmine Infantino e Bill Lignante"
  • "Sy Barry"
  • "Il Phantom di Falk e Barry"
  • "Olesen e Williams"
  • "Phantom dopo Falk"
  • "*Phantom nei comic-books"
  • "Phantom made in Italy"
  • "La produzione svedese"
  • "Il "Phantom tedesco"
  • "Phantom agli antipodi"
  • "Le parodie"
  • "Phantom in prosa"
  • "Phantom multimediale"
  • "Il fadom di Phantom"


  • "Mandrake Color Gallery"
  • "Phantom Color Gallery"
  • "Mandrake - cronologia 1934-1999
  • "Phantom - cronologia 1936-1999
  • "Bibliografia essenziale".

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