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Martin L. Greim
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Martin L. Greim was an American publisher / editor of fanzine, also comic-books illustrator and writer.


Martin L. Greim (L.for Lawrence ) - more often known as Marty Greim - was an important figure of comic fandom in the sixties and seventies before becoming himself a writer of comics, especially with his creation "Thunderbunny" which was first published in "Charlton Bullsey" before in "moved briefly to "Archie Comics". He also did support work for Marvel Company in 1973.

Between 1963 et 1972 he published his own fanzine magazine "Comic Crusader" (17 issues in black and white) which was mostly filled with his writing and drawing. The "Comic Crusader 14", issued en 1972, contains one of his own "Mandrake the Magician" drawing accompanied by an "Fred Fredericks" interview.

Unfortunately, his desire to write and draw more professionally was made impossible for some degenerative eye conditions but he however manage to write a number of comics, including "The Shield" and drew one "Donald Duck" story that was published.

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