Mandrake roi de la magie (CELEG / Giff Wiff 23 bis)

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Giff-Wiff #23, supplement
Roi de la magie
Cover artist: Phil Davis (from story art)
Country/language: Mini france.gif France / French
Format: 30 × 22 cm
Pages: 66 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: September, 1967
Publishing company: CÉLEG
Preceded by: Mandrake Roi de la Magie #1
Followed by: none


Mandrake stories


  • "Du temps que Mandrake n'avait pas peur de la magie" by Francis Lacassin.
  • "Mandrake à l'écran" by Jean-Claude Romer (French movie director).


  • This release, re-issue of the previous Mandrake Roi de la magie #2, is an extra-issue (numbering 23 bis) of the then current C.E.L.E.G. magazine "Giff-Wiff" devoted to comics history. The ordinary "Giff-Wiff" issue #23 was published in March 1967 and mainly consacred to Al Capp, the famous creator of "Li'l Abner".
  • The "Giff-Wiff" extra-issues were exclusively devoted to comic reprints when the usual issues were about study aricles.
  • The "Chamber into the X Dimension" story included two Sunday pages (August 30, 1936 and February 21, 1937) which were missing in the Mandrake Roi de la magie #2 previously released.