Mandrake el Mago: Sundays pages 1956–1959 (Dolmen Editorial)

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Mandrake el Mago
Sundays pages 1956–1959
Cover artist: Phil Davis (from story art)
Country/language: Mini spain.gif Spain / Spanish
Format: 28.5 × 22 cm
Pages: 176 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: January 2021
Editor: Vicente Garcia
Publishing company: Dolmen Editorial/Diabolo Ediciones
Preceded by: Mandrake el Mago: Sundays pages 1953–1956 (Dolmen Editorial)
Followed by: Mandrake el Mago: Sundays pages 1959-1962 (Dolmen Editorial)
ISBN 978-84-18510-32-8


Mandrake stories


  • "El Mundo por chistera" by Rafael Marin.


  • The following sub-title: "Un Lugar Llamado X" is written on the cover.