Mandrake 59 (Tay second series)

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Mandrake #59
Tay 02 mandrake-059.jpg
Cover artist: Aslan Şükür
Country/language: Mini turkey.gif Turkey / Turkish
Format: 14 cm × 19,5 cm
Pages: 52 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: n/a
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Tay Yayınları
Preceded by: Mandrake #58
Followed by: Mandrake #60

Mandrake #59.


Mandrake stories

  • "Akademi Tehlikede" ("The College of Magic") by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks, part 2.
  • "Sihirli İksir" ("Emile, Emir of Emmo") by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks.
  • "Uçandairi Harekâtı" ("The UFO") by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks, part 1.


The cover was used first time for Mandrake Albüm #96.

See also Mandrake Süper Albüm #18.