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Welcome to MandrakeWiki!

Hopefully you will enjoy your stay here. If you are new to the site, this is the place to start!

And remember that MandrakeWiki is a Wiki, and as such, it needs your contribution. Be bold when you edit! The place for general discussion about MandrakeWiki is Silly Stuff Department, were the users come together to discuss general and major questions.

Hopefully this portal will guide you right. If you have any questions, or need any kind of help or guidance, always know that the MandrakeWiki Administrators are here to help you.

General information

  • The Turorial, a general Wiki-introduction.
  • Logging in, how to get your own MandrakeWiki account.
  • Editing, a basic guide to help you getting started editing.
  • Wiki markup, how to make your articles looking good.

MandrakeWiki information

  • The Silly Stuff Department, the place to discuss general matters, make suggestions, ask questions and put up other matters which are to general to be handled in a common talk page.
  • The Template Guide introduces the templates which are in use in the Wiki, and how to use them.
  • The Style Guide serves to maintain the various articles to be consistent.


  • Current events includes suggestions for what you might contribute with.
  • The reference list lists references and good sources which might come in handy while expanding the MandrakeWiki.
  • Articles in need includes articles that for some reason have been noted in need of extra attention.
  • The wish list is a list of articles that any user specifically have requested to be added to the MandrakeWiki.
  • Recent changes lists recent edits made to the MandrakeWiki.
  • New pages lists new pages on the MandrakeWiki.