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This MandrakeWiki information/guidance page is currently work in progress. Its use and/or design is yet to be resolved, and the page will remain unprotected for everyone to edit until resolutions have been reached.
Please feel free to join the discussion!

While anyone and everyone is encourage to improve, extend and develop the contents of MandrakeWiki, some users have particular responsibility and privileges which gives them access to functions not available for other users. These users, the Administrators (or Admins), serves as an asset for other users, and are the ones to answer any questions regarding the MandrakeWiki.

The Administrator's functions

The major work of the Administrator is the same as that of any user - editing existing articles and creating new ones. However, they also have other functions, including:

  • The power to block users. In order to keep down the amount of vandalism, protect the MandrakeWiki, and as the last way of handling badly behaving users the Administrators are able to block usernames as well as IP addresses. The duration of a block can be anything between one hour and infinite.
  • The power to delete. The Administrators are the only users who are able to delete pages and files from the MandrakeWiki. Other users are however able to nominate a pages for deletion by adding the Delete template.
  • The power to protect and unprotect. Some of the pages in the MandrakeWiki, mostly guidance and help pages, are protected from edits made by other than Administrators. Every user is however encourage to make suggestions regarding edits to protected pages, as well as requests to protect or unprotect, on the discussion page of the specific page.

What an Administrator is not

  • The Administrator is not a censor. It is every user's responsibility to keep the language clean and the tone of speech fair. Nor is the Administrator personally responsible for any claim or statements made in the MandrakeWiki.
  • The Administrator is not a better kind of user. While the Administrator has more tools at hand when editing the MandrakeWiki, his or her opinions concerning every day edits is not worth more than that of any other user. The opinion of the Administrator must not be considered a given fact, and different opinions are very much encouraged. However, in some matters, most notably regarding banning users and protecting pages, the Administrator, as a group, make the final decision. They are, however, requested to take every opinion in mind, and always act in the interest of the MandrakeWiki.
  • Becoming an Administrator is not a promotion. While being an Administrator includes the access to further functions, getting Administrator rights is not to be regarded as a reward for hard work.

Administrator types

There are two different types of MandrakeWiki administrators - SysOps (System Operators) and Bureaucrats. Both have the functions stated above, but the Bureaucrats also have the power to make other users Administrators.

Becoming an Administrator

Unfortunately, given MandrakeWiki's current login problems, there isn't any way to become an Administrator at the moment. As soon as these problems are solved, information on this matter is to be announced.

List of Administrators