La tragedia del Gnat

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La tragedia del Gnat
1st publication: Serie economici albi grandi avventure #5 (1949)
# of pages: 15 (30 strips)
Writer: ??
Artist: Roberto Lemmi
Producer: Casa Editrice Nerbini

"La tragedia del Gnat" is an Italian made Mandrake story from 1949.

Plot summary

In San Francisco the adventurer "Robert Douglas" was going to across the Pacific alone in his small aeroplane, the "Gnat". With him he had a picturephone, a new invention by "dr. Beach". "Dr. Beach" had invented a picturephone so "Robert Douglas" could talk to his fiancee, "Daisy Beach", during the crossing.The plane got in trouble and crash on the island "Cigni" in "Tokelau" (Samoa) and was found by the shipwrecked sailor, "Richard".

In "Philadelphia" our friends "Mandrake" and "Lothar" heard the news on the radio and wanted to help. Together with the journalist "Gregory" they headed to "Tokelau" and start the search for "Robert Douglas". With help of a native tribe they found the isle "Cigni". Mandrake found the picturephone but is was only working one way. They saw that Daisy's friend "Elisabella" said that her fiancé was dead and that she should try to see other men, a nice one was the musican "Clarence".

With some magic some maritime signal flags was up in the air and the ship "Sea-Horse" rescue them.


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