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L&PM Editores
Biographical information
Founded: August 24, 1974
Country: Mini brazil.gif Brazil
Website: lpm-editores


"L&PM Editores" was founded, for the launching of the book Rango 1 by the cartoonist Edgar Vasques, in 1974 by Almeida Lima and Ivan Pinheiro Machado. The publisher went on releasing books and comic books.

In 1980 "L&PM Editores" launched a series known as "Coleção Quadrinhos L&PM" after the model of the French publisher "Futuropolis Copyright", but with both Brazilian and International artists.

Among the 120 issues one find: "Batman" by Bob Cane, "Beetle Bailey" by Mort Walker, "Boogie" by Fontanarosa, "Corto Maltese" by Hugo Pratt, "Dick Tracy" by Chester Gould"Freak Brothers" by Gilbert Shelton, "Hagar" by Dik Browne, "Mandrake" by Lee Falk and Phil Davis, "The Phantom" by Lee Falk and Ray Moore, "Popeye" by Segar, "Valentina" by Guido Crepax, "Spirit" by Will Eisner, "Steve Canyon" by Milton Caniff, "Superman" by Jerome Siegel. In their catalogue on find others artists such as: Altan, Horacio Altuna, Paulo Caruso, Robert Crumb, Jules Feiffer, Moebius, Wolinski, Miguel Paiva, Quino, Alex Raymond, Luis Fernando Verissimo among others. The "Quadrinhos L&PM" series ended in the late 1990s.

In the year 2000 the publisher started to print comic books in their "Coleção L&PM Pocket" series.

Mandrake publications published by L&PM

Serialized "Mandrake" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Mandrake 1986 and 1989 2