King Comic 4 (UK magazine)

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King Comic #4
King comic-uk 4.jpg
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini uk.gif UK / English
Format: ?? × ?? cm
Pages: 28 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: May 29, 1954
Editor: ?
Publishing company: L.Miller & Son Ltd.
Preceded by: King Comic (UK magazine) #3
Followed by: King Comic (UK magazine) #5


Mandrake stories

(July 5, 1953 Sunday page)

Other comics

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  • "Jungle Jim" by Don Moore (w.) and Paul Norris (a.)
  • "Hubert" by Dick Wingert
  • "The Phantom" by Lee Falk (w.) and Wilson McCoy (a.)
  • "Etta Kett" by Paul Robinson
  • "Prince Valiant" by Hal Foster
  • "Right Around Home With Myrtle", The Hardy Type by Bob Vittur
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  • "Buz Sawyer, Featuring His Pal Rosco Sweensy" by Roy Crane
  • "Brick Bradford" by Clarence Gray
  • "Henry" by Carl Anderson
  • "Johnny Hazzard" by Frank Robbins
  • "Tillie the Toiler" by Russ Westover
  • "Tim Tyler's Luck" by Lyman Young (w.) and Tom Massey (a.)
  • "Mister Breger" by Irving David Breger
  • "Dick's Adventures in Dreamland" by Max Trell (w.) and Neil O'Keeffe (a.)
  • "Teena" by Hilda Terry
  • "Grandma" by Charles Kuhn
  • "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith" by Fred Lasswell
  • "Room and Board" by Gene Ahern
  • "Pete the Tramp" by Clarence D. Russell
  • "The Katzenjammer Kids" by Doc Winner.