José Luis de la Fuente

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José Luis de la Fuente
Biographical information
Born: Santander, 1930
Died: Madrid, 1992
Nationality: Mini spain.gif Spanish
Occupation: Artist
Website: N/A

José Luis de la Fuente was a Spanish artist.


José Luis de la Fuente was born in Santander in 1930 and began his career as cartoonist in the Argentine magazine "Cocodrilo", before returning to Spain where he worked for Spanish editor Dolar in 1958 - 1960, creating all covers for the series "El Hombre Enmascarado" and "Flash Gordon". He also did all the covers for the 1966 series of Héroes Modernos.

He later drew own comics like "Treasure Island", "Oliver", "Marcy and the pirates", "The Baron of Münchhausen" amongst a lot of Spanish successful comics, mainly in humor style.

Mandrake work by José Luis de la Fuente


Coleccion Héroes Modernos presenta: Merlin el Mago Moderno series

Héroes Modernos 1966 series