Harrison University

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Harrison University
Harrison University-10.jpg
First appearance: Mr Ttazz
Created by: Lee Falk

Harrison University is an American university where Kit Walker (the 21st Phantom) was a student. Mandrake has performed at the university twice.

Behind the Scenes

  • Harrison University is named after Lee Falk's middle name.
  • First time used in the Phantom Sunday story The Childhood of the Phantom from 1959.

Harrison University appearances in the Mandrake strip

Year Daily/Sunday Title Comments
1977 Sunday "Mr Ttazz" A painting of Kit Walker, Kit Walker Stadium.
1982 Sunday "El Dorado" On the road to Harrison University.
1983 Sunday "The Cloud Men" Still on the road to Harrison University.
1988 Daily "Madam Sir-See" On the road to Harrison University.
1989 Daily "Matter Mover" Visiting Harrison University. A statue of Kit Walker
1991 Daily "Dr. Loqo's Secret Formula" On the road to Harrison University.
1992 Sunday "Capt. C.C.'s Crazy Circus" A man wearing a cap with the text Harrison U.