Hamid Şendur

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Hamid Şendur
Biographical information
Born: 1920
Nationality: Mini turkey.gif Turkey
Occupation: Editorial people

Hamid Şendur (1920-?) was the owner of Çocuk Yayınları (Çocuk Publications). He was one of the first major implementers of a technique which became widespread in Turkish comics business in post-World War 2 era; having comics manually traced into b&w copies and printing from those copies (needless to say, without license from rights owners).


Hamid Şendur first appeared in the Turkish market publishing children's magazines as; "Çocuk Alemi" (?-1950), "Armağan" (1950-52) and "Resimli Tomurcuk" (1952-54). The magazines had featured some comics alongside stories, etc., but Şendur's first comics magazine was "Çocuklara Armağan" (1953-54) which featured Disney material. In 1958, Şendur began to publish "Tenten" which became the first Turkish comics magazine exclusively featuring Tintin; earlier, Tintin comics had been featured in several different children's magazines. Erdoðan Bozok was responsible for the cover illustrations as well the tracing job for Şendur's "Tenten". Next year, Şendur put out two separate Disney comics, "Tom ve Miki" (Mickey) and "Bob Hop Top" (Donald), as well as "Zorro". Şendur seems to have disappeared from the market in 1960s.

Issues with traced Mandrake stories

Title Year(s) Issues note
Çocuk Alemi 1947-195?
Kara Maske 1947-1948 from issue 10 and on
Ateş 1953-