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Ettore Carozzo was a French publisher and editor of Librairie Moderne, initial name of the SAGE edition.


Ettore Carozzo was an Italian refugee installed in France before the second World War who worked with Cino Del Duca, another Italian-born businessman who also moved in France where he made a fortune in the French publishing business. Folowing the success of “Le Journal de Mickey”, founded in 1934 by "Paul Winkler, Ettore Carozzo decided to publish comics and created two weekly magazines "Jumbo" and "Aventures". In 1938 he launched a then new concept of issues presenting only complete comics stories in a specific Italian format (oblong size). In 1939 Librairie Moderne changed name to SAGE (Société Anonyme Générale d'Édition) and published titles as: "Aventures et Mystère
Mandrake, Roi de la magie (Aventures et Mystères)", "Collection merveilleuse" and "Collection à 8 Francs" as far as the "Mandrake the Magician" stories were concerned. During the second World war the edition place was moved from Paris to Lyon a town not yet occupied by the German aurorities. After the war the SAGE pubishing activity was relauched with more new titles. Ettore Carozzo died in 1951. The SAGE edition continued with Victor Broussard, born Vittorio, member of the Ettore Carozzo family.