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Editorial Molino Argentina was Argentine publisher.


Editorial Molino was founded in 1933 in Spain, by Pablo del Molino Martín and his brother Luis del Molino Mateus. Editorial Molino specilized in the genre of popular adventure novels, detective stories, stories from distant landscapes or in the past. The publisher achieved great success with the publication "Biblioteca Oro" (Serie; Amarilla, Roja and Azul) and "Revista Mickey" with comics strips by "Alex Raymond", "Milton Caniff" and others.

In 1938 Pablo del Molino decided to emigrate to Bueno Aires in Argentina, due to the Civil War. He returned to Spain in 1952. During his years in Argentina Pablo del Molino started Editorial Molino Argentina similar to the Editorial Molino in Spain. In 1942 Editorial Molino Argentina started the series "Grandes Aventuras" inspired by the US Better Little Books.

Mandrake publications published by Editorial Molino Argentina

"Mandrake" one-shots

Title Year
Mandrake en Los Hombres de X 1942