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Editorial Manuel Láinez
Editorial EDMAL
Biographical information
Country: Mini argentina.gif Argentina


The journalist and politician Manuel Láinez Cané (1852 - 1924) founded his own newspaper, "El Diario", in 1881. In 1909 "Editorial Manuel Láinez" published their first magazine, "Tit-Bits", followed by "Pucky" in 1922. Manuel Lainez's son, Norberto Láinez de la Riestra (1883 - 1955), succeeded his father in 1924.

It is believed that Manuel Vicente Láinez Peralta Alvear (1908 - 1954), grandson of Manuel Lainez, was responsible for the expansion of publishing in the field of comics. The expansion of the publishing began in 1932 with "El Gorrión", then with "Ra-Ta-Plán" (1935) and continue so that in the early forties Láinez almost had a magazine for every day of the week: "Tit-Bits" on Tuesdays, "El Gorrión" on Wednesdays, "Espinaca" on Thursdays, "Historietas" on Fridays and "Ra-Ta-Plan" on Saturdays.

Early fifties more titles were added: "Selecciones Graficas", "Narraciones de Ra-Ta-Plan", "Puño Fuerte" (1950), "Lanza Brava" (1951), "Gran Bonete" (1954), "Impacto" (1959) and "Fuego" (1959).

Publications with Mandrake

Title Year(s) Issues
Historietas 1938-1950 628
El Gorrión 1932-1959 1384
Selecciones Graficas
Gran Bonete

Editorial Edmal / Editorial Impacto

In 1958 the publisher became "Editorial Edmal" and from the old titles of Lainez the publisher only maintained "Puño Fuerte". New titles were: "Puño Fuerte Extra", "Impacto", "Fuego", "Mandrake el Mago" and "El Fantasma" (The Phantom). In addition there were a "Libro de Oro" series with both Mandrake and "The Phantom". The "El Fantasma" series started as "La Sombra" (the name of "The Phantom" previously used in the "Tit-Bits" series) and changed its name to "El Fantasma" from issue 19.

In July, 1964 the publisher became "Editorial Impacto".

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