Editions du Pont-Levis

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Editions du Pont-Levis
Biographical information
Country: Mini belgium.gif Belgium

TheEditions du Pont-Levis was a Belgian publisher of comics.

The publisher offices were located in Brussels (capital of Belgium), 47 rue du Houblon.

The first main title of the publisher was "Mickey Magazine" - a weekly comic book magazine (498 issues from October 1950 to September 1959) with contents looking very similar to the French "Le Journal de Mickey" in its second period from 1952 to the present days. In fact, it was the Frenchman Armand Bigle, sole representative of Walt Disney Productions in the Benelux and Switzerland since 1947, who launched the magazine in 1950 . At the time, the French "Journal de Mickey" (first period) had ceased publication since 1944. Published by the Belgian studios of Walt Disney and edited by the "Editions du Pont-Levis", the "Mickey Magazine" had a solid success, selling between 110,000 and 130,000 copies each week in Belgium; so, Bigle proved that Disney had not lost any of its popularity in Europe, and was able to convince Paul Winkler to relaunch the French publication of the "Journal of Mickey".

The second main title - and in fact the first one in chronological order - of the "Editions du Pont-Levis" was "Story", also released each week between June 1945 and March 1951 for 301 issues. It was destined to a more older public with classical comics (mostly American) like "Mandrake the Magician", "Radio Patrol", "Popeye", "Inspector Wade", "The Lone Ranger", "Tim Tyer's Luck", "Pete the Tramp", "Barney Baxter", "Johnny Hazard", "Flash Gordon"... The choice of these comics was largely inspired by successful pre-war French publications such as "Robinson" and "Hop-là!".

It it deserves to be pointed out that "Mickey Magazine", as well as "Story", were published in French and in Dutch versions each week. Albums, composed of the regular issues, were also released for the two titles.

Other title of the publisher : "Annette" (52 issues / weekly magazine for girls).

Mandrake publications published by Editions du Pont-Levis

Title Year(s) Issues Note
Story 1945-1951 301 Two language versions; French and Flemish / Dutch
Story Album 1945-1951 13 + 2 Rebound album of the regular Story series

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