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Dolmen Editorial
Biographical information
Founded: 1986 by Carlos González
Country: Mini spain.gif Spain

Dolmen Editorial is a publisher / editor located in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands in Spain).


It was founded by Vicente García in 2001, around the homonymous magazine ("Dolmen") devoted to super heroes, review now available on web (pdf format). The editor is specialized in the reprint of classical American comics (such as "(Mandrake the Magician)", "Prince Valiant", "Tarzan", "The Phantom", "Secret Agent X-9", "Johnny Hazard", "Flash Gordon", "Terry and the Pirates", "Dick Tracy") and more recent European comics ("Ric Hochet", "Tif and Tondu", "Chick Bill", "Natacha", "The Bluecoats", "Billy & Buddy", "Benny Breakiron"...).

  • For a selection of Dolmen releases, see [1] (view by recent issues possible).

Mandrake publications by Dolmen Editorial

Title Year(s) Issues
Mandrake el Mago (Dolmen Editorial) 2018-2021 7