Creepy Worlds 160

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Creepy Worlds #160
Creepy Worlds 160.jpg
Cover artist: Andre LeBlanc
Country/language: Mini uk.gif United Kingdom / English
Format: 18,5 × 23,5 cm
Pages: 66 pgs, b/w
Publishing date:
Publishing company: Alan Class & Co
Preceded by: Creepy Worlds #93
Followed by: Creepy Worlds #193


Mandrake stories

Other comics

  • "The Phantom", The Girl Phantom by Dick Wood and Bill Lignante (from comic-book "Mandrake the Magician 4 (King)" published in March 1967)
  • The man who conquered the Carotta ! by Richard Hughes [as Zev Zimmer] and Gerald McCann (from comic-book "Unknown Worlds" # 55 published in April May 1960)
  • The Last Voyage of Captain Kragg by (?) and Steve Ditko (from comic-book "Journey into Mystery" # 67 published in April 1961)
  • The Man From Out There by Paul Newman and Pete Tumlinson (from comic-book "Journey Into Mystery" # 26 and 27 published in September October 1955)
  • You Can't Touch Bottom by Russ Andru (from comic-book "Marvel Tales" # 129 published in December 1954)
  • The Fight For Freedom ! by Joe Sinnott (from comic-book "Battlefront" # 40 published in May 1956).

Short Written Story

  • Strange Encounter (unsigned)