Comic Crusader 14

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Comic Crusader #14
Cover artist: Fujitake /Bill Black
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Format: 21 x 28 cm
Pages: 36 pgs, bw
Publishing date: 1972
Editor: Martin L. Greim
Publishing company:
Preceded by: Comic Crusader #13
Followed by: Comic Crusader #15

Comic Crusader #14. 17 fanzines issued by Martin L. Greim in the years 1968 to 1976.



  • "Ibis" by Don Newton / Dennis Fujitake
  • "Ditko's H Series" part 1 by Steve Ditko


  • "Crusader Comments", Behold the World of Magic by Martin L. Greim
  • "Ibis" by Raymond Miller; art by Greim, Fukumitsu, Fujitake and Kato
  • "Mandrake's Magic Maker", an interview with Fred Fredericks by Martin L. Greim
  • "The Art of Pencilling" by Bob Cosgrove
  • "Save us Magican, ..." by Tom Fagan
  • "That Ol' Black Magic" by Bob Cosgrove
  • "From the Circular File"


Text taken from *[1]: "Mandrake the Magician gets the coverage following Ibis’s entry, featuring an interview with the character’s creator, Fred Fredericks. Along with visual evidence of Frederick’s mastery of composition and line, the character is illustrated by Tom Armstrong (see right). There are also several photos of Fredericks himself, along with Greim. This sort of thing was gold back then for us readers. Remember this was a time of no internet, only a few conventions, and otherwise, very little coverage of the creators of our medium." (Text by Ken Meyer Jr.)

Article about Mandrake (inside pages)