Blixt Gordon 2/1968

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Blixt Gordon 2/1968
Gordon05king swedish.jpg
Cover artist: Rolf Gohs, inspired from Al Williamson's original cover for Flash Gordon 5 (King).
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish
Format: 17 × 26 cm
Pages: 36 pgs, full color
Publishing date: March, 1968
Editor: Ebbe Zetterstad
Publishing company: Semic Press
Preceded by: Blixt Gordon 1/1968
Followed by: Blixt Gordon 3/1968

Blixt Gordon 2/1968 is the forth issue of the Swedish Blixt Gordon magazine.


Mandrake stories

Other comics

  • "Flash Gordon", Apmännens gud by Al Williamson. (first printed in Flash Gordon #5 (1967))
  • "Flash Gordon", Apmännens Den blå döden by Al Williamson. (first printed in Flash Gordon #5 (1967))
  • "Tom Trik" by Paul Norris. (first printed in Mandrake the Magician #7 (1967))

Other editions

This issue was translated and released in Norway and Germany.