Binbir Roman

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Binbir Roman
Binbir Roman-001.jpg
First issue (May 19, 1948)
Country/language: Mini turkey.gif Turkey / Turkish
Publishing company: Türkiye Yayınevi
Publishing years: 1948-1952?
Issues: 220 (?)
Format: ?×? cm, b/w

Binbir Roman (the 3rd series of "1001 Roman" but with a non-numerized spelling of the first word of the title; ie. 1001 = Binbir (Thousand and one) was published by Türkiye Yayınevi in Turkey.


Binbir Roman was a weekly comics magazine featuring romance comics, as well as classical comics like "Rip Kirby", Kızıl Maske, "Batman", etc. Binbir Roman printed three Mandrake Dailies and then Sundays from original US dates from 1948 to 1951. The Sunday chronology was broken when "The Department Store Mystery" was printed before "The Ghost Whale". It looks like the two stories after "Curse of the Kavrun Emerald", namely ("The Venus Flytrap" and "Mystery of the Vanishing Homes"), are missing in Binbir Roman.

Issue overview

Original story title Start End Comments
"Mandrake in Hollywood" #1/1948 #11/1948
"The Ghost Plane" #12/1948 #29/1948
"Cinderella of the Sea" #30/1948 #64/1949
"City of Jewels Pt.1: The Polar Bear Pirates" #65/1949
"City of Jewels Pt.2: The Ice Demons"
"City of Jewels Pt.3: Conclusion"
"The Raft People"
"Fear Island" #105/1950 #118/1950
"The Mystery of the Big Trees" #119/1950 #132/1950
"Jungle Adventure" #133/1950 #164/1951
"The Department Store Mystery" #165/1951 #173/1951 Not cronological
"The Ghost Whale" #174/1951 ? #184/1951
"Curse of the Kavrun Emerald" #185/1951 #196/1952
"The Spaceship to Venus" #197/1952 #220/1952 ?