André LeBlanc

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André LeBlanc
André LeBlanc.jpg
Biographical information
Born: January 16, 1921. Haiti
Died: December 21, 1998. USA
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artists
Website: N/A

André LeBlanc was an international artist.


André LeBlanc was born in Haiti to Joseph Le Blanc and his wife Jeanne Ferrari. After his fathers death in Cuba he and his mother moved to USA in 1927.

To support his widowed mother, LeBlanc dropped out of high school after eighth grade and was self taughting, among others in copying the volumes in the fine arts room of the "New York City Public Library".

In 1944 he moved to Rio De Janeiro (Brazil). He married Elvira Viviani Telles (1914-2009) in 1945 and the family moved to USA in 1948.

As an inking artist, he worked on many comic books (such as some "Four color" issues of the famous Dell series in the fifties and for the Gold Key series "The Twilight Zone" and "Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery") but also created his comic strips including 'Intellectual Amos' and 'Morena Flor'.

In 1951 he became the assistant of Will Eisner by finishing Sunday pages inking material on 'The Spirit' and Sy Barry on "The Phantom".

Always being under contract with "King Features Syndicate", he drew in 1966 and 1967 some of the "Mandrake the Magician" stories and covers in their "King Comics series.

Spending his career between New York City and Brazil, he also worked as an illustrating reporter for Brazilian newspapers "Correio da Manha" and "Globo". Le Blanc was also one of the main artists of the Brazilian "Classics Comics" for "Edicao Maravilhosa" published by Ebal, a collection released in Usa as material for in and received the prestigious "Southern Cross" Award - the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Brazilian citizen - for his illustrations for classical literature. friend Lee Ames to create the book "Draw 50 Famous People of the Bible", as well as a few biblically-inspired projects for Hanna Barbara and achieved his international career for illustrating 'The Picture Bible'.

He received bylines for his work, in the seventies and eighties, on "Flash Gordon" (with Dan Barry), "Apartment 3-G" (with Alex Kotzky), and "Rex Morgan MD" newspaper strips.

He taught at "The School of Visual Arts in New York City".

André died in Columbia (South Carolina) in December of 1998 after a brief illness. He was survived by his wife Elvira and two daughters Frances Andree and Vivienne.

Mandrake the Magician by André LeBlanc (1966-1967)

Title Note
"Menace of the City Jungle" inking only / pencil: Don Heck
"Midnight with Mandrake" inking only / pencil: Don Heck
"The Flying Phantom" inking only / pencil: Werner Roth
"Specter from Space"
"The Phantom Casino"
"The Doomsday Man"
"The Terror of the Haunted Desert"
"The Black Wizard"
"The Frame-Up"
"Seeing is Believing" unpublished

Mandrake the Magician covers by André LeBlanc


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