Tyro Magazine 4 (November 1992)

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Tyro Magazine #4
vol. 1
Cover artist: Andrew Teixeira
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Format: 21 x 26,5 cm
Pages: 76 pgs, bw
Publishing date: November, 1992
Editor: Larry Dunne
Publishing company: Fresh Ink
Preceded by: Tyro Magazine #3
Followed by: Tyro Magazine #5


  • "The Dawning of Creation" by Rich Redding.
  • "Ramblings" by Larry Dunne.
  • "The Lord of Hell" by A F S Roarke.
  • "Poetry:", She Leaps Out of the Wather by Eleine N Howard.
  • "Poetry:"The Ancient King by A F S Roarke.
  • "Animated Words:", Bill Plympton by Larry Dunne.
  • "Briefs:", In Deep by Eunice Torres.
  • "Briefs:", Star Trek: Federation Science by Larry Dunne.
  • "Briefs:", SciFi Channel by Sean Sullivan.
  • "Briefs:", A Brief History of Time by John Hussey.
  • "Briefs:", Little Nemo Film by Rich Redding.
  • "Briefs:", Batmananimation by Rich Redding.
  • "Portfolio:", Fred Fredericks by Larry Dunne.
  • "Comics Den (Comics Review)" by Tom McHugh.
  • "Rich Words" by Rich Redding.
  • "Synopsis:", Michael Baron by Larry Dunne.
  • "Fantastic Fandom", Arisia by James S Belfiore jr.
  • "Gaming Bits (Game Reviews)" by Michael Meyer.
  • "Comics Art History:", Winsor McCay by Larry Dunne.
  • "Card Corner" by Tom McHugh.
  • "Comics:", Adventures of Wendel by Sean Sullivan.
  • "Comics:", Tang So Doo Master by Jim Thorpe.